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We accept abstracts only as PDF files with a limit of 1 page in one-column format. Style guidelines are available in a PDF file. The simplest way to produce an article that satisfies these requirements is to use LaTeX with the abstractisipta2011.sty style. The source file abstractisipta2011.tex of the guidelines can be used as a template for your abstract.

When generating a pdf file, please check that all fonts are embedded. If this is not the case, the file may be unreadable. To get additional information about embedded fonts click here!

The Program Committee will decide which of the submitted abstracts are accepted, by carefully evaluating their originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition.

ISIPTA '11: Abstract Submission


Please send us your abstract by providing the requested data and by attaching the PDF file of the abstract in the submission form below. Then click on the SUBMIT button. After that, please wait patiently until you get a response telling you that the data have been transmitted successfully.

All authors have to preregister for the conference. Preregistration is not a commitment to attend the conference, it is only needed to handle authors' data. If you are preregistered for one of the past ISIPTA conferences, it is not necessary to do it again for ISIPTA'11.

In case of any doubts or if you want to know your preregistration data, please send an e-mail to (Serafin Moral).

Authors' e-mail addresses
Please fill in the same e-mail addresses as used for preregistration and use simple spaces as separators between two e-mail addresses, e.g.

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Please fill in the same e-mail address as used for preregistration.
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