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Alessandro Antonucci, Marco Cattaneo, Giorgio Corani

Likelihood-Based Naive Credal Classifier


The naive credal classifier extends the classical naive Bayes classifier to imprecise probabilities, substituting the imprecise Dirichlet model for the uniform prior. As an alternative to the naive credal classifier, we present a likelihood-based approach, which extends in a novel way the naive Bayes towards imprecise probabilities, by considering any possible quantification (each one defining a naive Bayes classifier) apart from those assigning to the available data a probability below a given threshold level. Besides the available supervised data, in the likelihood evaluation we also consider the instance to be classified, for which the value of the class variable is assumed missing-at-random. We obtain a closed formula to compute the dominance according to the maximality criterion for any threshold level. As there are currently no well-established metrics for comparing credal classifiers which have considerably different determinacy, we compare the two classifiers when they have comparable determinacy, finding that in those cases they generate almost equivalent classifications.


Classification, naive credal classifier, naive Bayes classifier, likelihood-based learning.

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Authors’ addresses

Alessandro Antonucci
Galleria 2
CH-6928 Manno (Lugano)

Marco Cattaneo
Institut fuer Statistik
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen
Ludwigstrasse 33
80539 Muenchen

Giorgio Corani
CH-6928 Manno

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Alessandro Antonucci
Marco Cattaneo
Giorgio Corani

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